Did you Know?
75% of customers say they prefer personalized offers.

Join the league of B2B companies benefiting from Infotanks Media’s Account Based Marketing services to generate demand, increase pipeline efficiency, expand existing accounts, drive revenue, and measure success. ABM personalizes your campaigns according to the attributes and needs of a specific target group to guarantee optimal results.

What are the proven benefits of ABM?


Effective ABM promises better ROI

According to the ITSMA Account Based Marketing Survey (2014), “ABM delivers the highest Return on Investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.”


Optimal Resource Management

Laser-sharp targeting allows efficient allocation of resources with a focus on high-value accounts that drives more revenue.


Personalized Engagement

Impactful campaigns based on relevant information crafted to suit your customer’s needs and messages that resonate with the target group.


Easy Tracking & Measuring

With a defined set of targets, it is easier to analyze the campaign effect, irrespective of medium, and draw clear conclusions.

abm sale

Better Sales Alignment

Marketing campaigns being run in terms of targetting specific accounts and drawing revenue from them is quite similar to sales.

abm sale

Lower Churn Rate

It’s no secret that Account Based Marketing delivers huge benefits with satisfied customers and low customer churn.

Now comes the bigger question... How to get the verified contact details of your target accounts?

Infotanks Media is the most reliable solution to your dilemma. Just give us your list of target companies and key contact names - we will append rest of the information needed. We can provide details such as title, phone number, direct dials, email address, physical address, social media handles, city, state, postal code, zip code, country, fax, sic code, industry type, employee size, revenue size, website address etc for a particular entity.

How do you execute an ABM campaign?

Step 1

abm target

Define your Target

Prioritize your high-value customers through business intelligence and firmographics. Consider revenue potential as well as strategic factors such as market influence, continued sales, and profit potential.

Step 2

abm key player

Identify Key Players

Analyze and understand the internal structure of your target accounts to zero in on the decision-makers and influencers.

Step 3

abm content

Plan the Content

Keep in mind the target group’s specific business needs and draft a content strategy to address these challenges through a custom message.

Step 4

abm content

Use Effective Channels

Web, phone, events or ads - determine the best mediums to convey your message to your target industry or role and optimize the engagement.

Step 5

abm content

Coordinate Campaign Efforts

Technology enables marketers to coordinate ABM campaigns effectively, by making it easier to align marketing and sales tasks and keep it running across channels.

Step 6

abm content

Analyze and Optimize

With a defined target group it is possible to conduct regular tests that measure the effectiveness of your campaign and continue to improve the results time after time.

As a B2B marketer, it is easy to assume that casting a wider net would reel in maximum interest. However, a targeted approach using account based marketing strategies give you guaranteed results. Kickstart your ABM journey with Infotanks Media and optimize your B2B marketing campaigns.