About Us

Infotanks Media is Global Multi-Channel Data Provider serving customers across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom with other European and Asian countries. Being the most comprehensive B2B Data Provider, we are focused on providing data services to all marketers, business owners, and partners. We as a database compiler manage, own and maintain 40 million business executives database worldwide. The unique USP which separates us from the rest is our guarantee of 90% plus email deliverability and contact accuracy which is the highest of all data market standards. We have achieved this feat by running real-time data compliance and validation checks to ensure our customers and their Email Service Provider have a great experience with our impeccable data quality.

We specifically don’t just take out the data from our platform and send it across, a lot of work is executed by our team to deliver top-notch quality data.

Our compliance process takes 3-5 business days to complete with each specific data requirements of our customer.

Here is our detailed process:-


Since our inception, we have come a long way. Now, we also provide data-driven sales and marketing solutions like Email Marketing Services and Account-Based Marketing Services (ABM), serving more than 2000 clients across North America, Europe, and the Asia regions.

Explore our solutions and take advantage of our trusted data quality along with our robust email campaign program.