Missing links and inaccurate information
leaving your contact data redundant?

Maintaining data hygiene is an absolute necessity for every marketer. Incomplete or incorrect data can dampen your chances of running a successful email campaign or closing a sales deal. Optimized data quality offers data-driven solutions, which in turn facilitates informed business decisions and improved performance. The quality of your business decisions has a direct impact on revenue growth. To sum it up, an organization’s success begins with good data.

Did You Know?

35% of the people change jobs annually

66% of the people change their Job titles annually

43% of the business objectives fail due to bad data

25% of businesses have no strategy to update their data

50 - 75% of your campaign success is based on your B2B Data

If you are reporting less than 2% response rates on your campaigns, it's time to enrich
your data with Infotanks Media’s data appending services!

Data enrichment is a sure-shot way to higher ROI, which is the cornerstone of
business growth. Infotanks Media offers a variety of data appending services such as:

Email Appending

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that email addresses are changing at a rate of 31% per year.*

At Infotanks Media we understand the crucial role of emails in data-driven marketing. By providing highly deliverable email addresses to our customers, we empower marketing revenue. Here’s how it’s done;

Customer files are matched and appended with valid and permission-based email addresses.

The e-mails are run through rigorous data compliance procedures which includes e-mail domain ping test, opt-out e-mail campaigns, and account to e-mail match verification processes.

Verified emails are then added to customer files.

Our email appending services are coupled with data enrichment to regularly upgrade your email addresses and avoid data decomposition due to prospects changing jobs and their e-mails. We are committed to providing a seamless service so that you can focus on building sales funnels and marketing strategies.

Phone Appending

When it comes to closing a business deal or assisting your customer across different verticals, telemarketing is your best bet. Having the correct phone number of prospects can help marketers directly connect to their revenue generators. Keeping this crucial aspect in mind, Infotanks Media provides a reliable phone appending service and here’s why you should take advantage of it;

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Direct dials boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team helping them pitch value propositions to clients or discover pain points.

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Access to accurate, frequently updated direct dial allow salespeople to have 18x more conversations.

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With a direct dial to the director level, your SDR is 46% more likely to get connected to the key decision maker; while at the VP level it is 147%.*

Infotanks Media manages a data repository of the global board and direct dials phone numbers of companies and contacts. Dedicated data experts append missing phone numbers in your data and validate them against our master repository of verified phone numbers. The validation process involves correction of formatting errors, area code inaccuracies, and identity confirmation of customers on your list. Simply put, we run our propriety phone append algorithm on your list and provide the exact phone number of “Harry Jean” from ABC Corporation, not any other “Harry Jean”. You don’t have to worry about data discrepancy, as we literally babysit your database and take absolute care of its health and growth.

Physical Mailing Address Appending

Personalize your marketing campaigns by making sure your custom message or business gifts reach right up to the clients’ doorsteps.

To extend their reach, smart marketers put traditional and inbound marketing strategies to work. Physical mailing addresses are as traditional as it can get and is an essential source of business location. Be it lead generation through mailers or personalizing your business relation with postcards, or gifts, you still need a physical mailing address. But delivery could get tricky without the correct information. And, that’s where you need to employ our data appending services. Because;

  • We enrich incorrect formatting of street extensions, apartment numbers, and zip codes.
  • If the address is completely unavailable, we append it through a correct company name.
  • We also employ standardized quality checks of mailing addresses matching through NCOA (National Change of Address Database) link.

Social Media Appending

Social media platforms have taken over our worlds - personal or business. It has revolutionized marketing minds as well, with the people-to-people approach being increasingly considered as a way to enhance marketing potential. Marketers can now get a better insight into the prospect with access to their social profiles, analyse their unique needs and interests, make personal connections with them, and even close deals quicker.

Infotanks Media can help you build better connections with your customers, by filling the gap in your database with their social media profile details. We use around 40 million business data records to add social media handles to contacts which are then manually verified for accuracy before delivering the appended file to you.