Infotanks procures its data from various sources and sends it through rigorous multiple verification processes to collect crisp and quality data of highest standards. With a 95% deliverability rate with our emails, we make sure that no stones are left unturned when it comes to sourcing and validating our data.


New buisiness filings

Public Record Information

Business trade magazine subscriptions

Press Releases

Corporate Websites

Annual Reports

Yellow Pages and other Business Directories

Utility Transaction Reports

Web based Registrations

Tele Surveys

Online and Offline Publications


Step by step verification process

Infotanks conducts a rigorous 10 step verification process to validate and authenticate every piece of data it procures. From names, titles, mailing address, industry types, email address and more, we situate every piece of data through the following steps.

Manual validation of all data fields such as contact names, title, mailing, adress, industry type, SIC codes, email address and phone numbers

Mailing adress verification matches & cleansing is done with USPS National change of address (NCOA).

Email domain checks through SMTP and DNS looks up to identify deliverable and active email adress.

Data analytics tools are used to isentify corporate infrastructure and heirarchy

Opt-out Email campaigns are rolled for seeking prospects permission.

Opt-in and Double Opt-in Campaigns are only executed for premium projects.

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Tele-Verification calling processes is executed only when the client is seeking 100% accuracy on the data.

Social Verification tools are implemented for Contact and company verification .

Opt-in and Double Opt-in Campaigns are only executed for premium projects.