Unable to leverage the full potential of your in-house data?

Whether you are planning to launch multi-channel campaigns, acquire new customers or reignite the relationship with your lapsed customers. Effectively managed data can help you achieve the desired results. Infotanks Media provides Data Management services such as Data Cleansing, Standardization, De-duplication, Migration, Verification and more to ensure the highest quality data.

Our superior expertise, knowledge, technology, and resources in effective data management support the smooth flow of your operations, customers, marketing, and sales throughout its lifecycle. From creation, storage, and quality maintenance to archival and retirement, the privacy and integrity of your data will be assured through this journey.

Our Custom Services

data normalisation

Data Normalization

data cleansing

Data Cleansing

data standardization

Data Standardization

data standardization

Data De-duplication

Dummy Data

Dummy Data exclusion

 Data migration

Data Migration

 Data verification

Data Verification

 Data management

Address Management

Why Choose Infotanks Media to manage your data?

Comprehensive data management services by our dedicated team of experts assure multiple benefits including:

Improved data efficiency for better results

Comparatively, saves high data management costs and ensure effective compliance

Normalizes data from multiple sources to rectify alignment and definitions

Ensures accurate and efficient contact data/address management

Cleanses data by formatting errors such as correcting spellings and typos

Delivers single records of customers through de-duplication

Maintains consistency across heterogeneous environments through high speed, high volume data migration.

Validates data through rigorous verification services

Well maintained data help you in engaging your customers, building brand advocacy, and maximizing
returns on your marketing budget.