Got a pile of unverified data slowing down your business?

Bad data always leads to poor management of sales and marketing efforts. Data accuracy is a significant factor in optimizing your internal processes to speed up the journey towards business growth. With Infotanks Media’s Data Collection & Verification services, you can be assured of reliable data which is procured from multiple sources and put through a rigorous verification process. The quality of data prepared by Infotanks Media is easily recognizable through factors such as its guaranteed by 90% email deliverability and contact accuracy.


Our data verification process involves a robust strategy that retains the highest accuracies within the data set. As data is dynamic, it keeps shifting with a decay rate of about 5% every month. Here, the experience and expertise of Infotanks Media come into play - we are well aware of the criticality of data, its business impacts, and how to keep it updated month after month.

Step by Step Verification Process

Infotanks conducts a rigorous 7-step verification process to validate and authenticate every piece of data it procures. From names, titles, mailing address, industry types, email address, and more, we validate every piece of data through the following steps.


Manual validation of all data fields such as contact names, title, mailing address, email address, and phone numbers.


Mailing address verification matches and cleansing is done with USPS National Change of Address (NCOA).


Email domain checks through SMTP and DNS lookups to identify deliverable and active email addresses.


Opt-out email campaigns are rolled for seeking prospect permission.


Data analytics tools are used to identify corporate infrastructure and hierarchy.


Social media handles such as Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook profiles are added to contacts.


Final dataset is added to the master repository for automatic updates in 30-days timeline.