But why email marketing?

Effective awareness generation

Cost-effective ROI with higher

Easy to integrate with all
marketing channels

Ensures personalized

Encourages instant and
impulsive decision making

How do the best email marketing companies help?

Email marketing can include different marketing objectives – from ‘hard’ conversion goals such as
appointment bookings to ‘soft’ conversion goals such as credibility building. The top email marketing
companies follow a personalized approach as follows:

Data Validation

Data Validation is crucial for the reputation of your brand, domain, and dedicated IP Addresses. It improves the ROI by optimizing your marketing spend by identifying invalid data.

  • Neverbounce
  • Zerobounce
  • Phone Verified
  • High Deliverability

Data segmentation

Segmentation is the categorization of email subscribers based on specific criteria. From the subject lines to the body, the content can be unique with segmentation. It helps in personalization and sending relevant emails to the subscribers.

  • Engaged Contacts
  • Non-engaged Contacts
  • Demographic
  • Firmographic

Personalized Responsive Designs

Responsive designs ensure compatibility and optimization based on different devices as well as applications. The best email marketing companies design based on your brand guidelines. Interactive designs provide high conversions.

Along with an attractive visual design, considering user behavior for the placement of call-to-action and other links is critical. Even multi-national companies like Uber, Dropbox, Disney create interactive designs based on well-researched best practices.

  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Interactive Design

A/B Testing

A/B testing results in improving the ROI by optimizing the campaign in all aspects. Infotanks Media also enables Litmus testing of the design for significant apps and devices

  • Subject Lines
  • Body Content
  • Devices
  • Call to actions
  • Time of delivery

Custom Reports & Analytics

Reports and dashboards help in understanding the performance of an email marketing campaign. A detailed report helps in improving future campaigns through analytics.

  • Click Rates
  • No of Visitors
  • Mail Opened
  • Data Collection from Webpage

Why is Infotanks Media one of the best email
marketing companies?

Infotanks Media, one of the top email marketing companies, ensures a one-stop solution for all your
email marketing requirements. Along with quality assurance, you can expect a wide range of
services, making it one of the best email marketing companies.

Unique conversion funnel strategy

Strategic planning is the nucleus of any marketing. Each email campaign is optimized to maximize lead generation. To amplify the results, categorizing prospects through different funnels is essential.

Lead nurturing & relationship building

While lead generation may or may not convert, lead nurturing ensures a healthy relationship by providing relevant information. With well-planned email campaigns, you can educate and engage prospects. A credible brand relationship prepares them for immediate long-term business collaborations.

Data-driven automation

Data-driven marketing aids in engagement. Automation of such email campaigns directly speaks to the audience at strategic intervals. It improves the open rate, click-through to websites, and ultimate purchases. Our trained professionals help you to make the most out of data-driven automation and reach your goals.

Guaranteed above 90% deliverability

Infotanks Media verifies data through strict compliance tools such as Neverbounce, Zerobounce to filter valid, catch-all emails, and invalid emails. This list is further filtered, and only deliverable emails are shared. Such data hygiene standards ensure the data validated has over 90% deliverability.

Dedicated support from idea to completion

Our team of experts are skilled in managing email marketing with best practices. A team of content writers, designers, and campaign managers is assigned for an unabridged experience. You are provided with 24x5 email operations support for all queries and questions.

Trusted by globally recognized organizations, Infotanks Media is one of the top email marketing companies.

Within a short span of 4 years, the quality of our multi-channel B2B data services has expanded exponentially. For strategically maximized lead generating email campaigns, let’s talk!