Want to make better connections with your customers?

Build your contact records with comprehensive details that help you understand your customer better. Enrich individual profiles with in-depth information that reveals their custom preferences. Get a better grip on personalization and targeting to boost your engagement. Infotanks Media’s Profile Enrichment services help take your sales and marketing action up a notch with customizable strategies that focus on unique factors driving customer behavior.

How Profile Enrichment Helps You

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that email addresses are changing at a rate of 31% per year.*

At Infotanks Media we understand the crucial role of emails in data-driven marketing. By providing highly deliverable email addresses to our customers, we empower marketing revenue. Here’s how it’s done;

Profiles enriched at scale

Upgrade individual records using dimensions of identity, social media handles, preferences, affinities, and activity measures.

360° View of Customer Profiles

Build up contact records into a comprehensive profile with a complete view of prospects in the personal and professional lives.

Take advantage of Social Media Activity

Get to know your customers’ brand and lifestyle preferences with data sourced from multiple channels that have direct access to their interests.

Optimize Records for Better Targeting

Transform partial records to complete profiles that offer a unified view of your customers within your CRM, Marketing Automation, and Martech stacks.

Infotanks Media offers identity resolution
based profile enrichment services that ensure:


Complete customer records and comprehensive profiles.


Insights into the target audience and their segmentation.


Personalized targeting and enhanced engagement.


Cross-channel customer analysis and understanding.